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Confusianity is a labor of love.  Yes I love keeping this project going, but… it does require time, energy, and well… money (for hosting fees, podcasting equipment, WordPress plugins, graphics software, etc.)

As grateful as I am for all your THOUGHTS & PRAYERS (because they are SO effective as everyone knows), there are actual tangible ways of expressing your support for the Confusianity project.  If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen thus far (be it the podcast, Instagram feed, YouTube videos, memes, or whatever else) and you would like to see this project continue… a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.  If you’ve been burnt by religion (as I have) and perhaps have given thousands of dollars to the church over the years (as I have), well… consider this the anti-tithe. 🙂

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If you don’t feel comfortable donating, no hard feelings… I still love you anyway.  There are other ways of supporting the Confusianity project if you want to help spread the gospel of peace, love, self-actualization, critical thought, and mutual edification. You can always purchase some nifty shirts and mugs in the Shop, or at the very least… just subscribe on YouTube and to the Confusianity podcast on your platform of choice. Every little bit of momentum helps keep this project going!

Yours truly,
Jay Kaslo (Confusianity)