Have you ever wanted to talk directly with the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY?
Well today’s your lucky day.

Rant. Praise. Question away.
Whatever you want to say… now’s your chance.

Confusianity • Call God
*God’s voicemail is intended for entertainment purposes only. Sorry, answered prayers not a guarantee. In fact, he probably doesn’t even exist… or at least, not the way you think he does. (He’s probably not even a “he”.) You really think “He” chose to reveal himself to some ancient illiterate Middle Eastern goat herders and then disappear forever… only to reappear to condemn you to an eternity of burning hellfire after you die because you didn’t believe some ancient legends? But I digress. By leaving a voicemail for God, you agree to have your message featured publicly on Confusianity media outlets (if your message is deemed “worthy”). Now go ahead… call God… vent, praise him, rebuke him, get it all out… enjoy yourself. Have fun… it may even be therapeutic. Only one way to find out. Call now. God is standing by (or not).